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6 Responses to OCD: Obsessive. Compulsive. Don’t Lose the Connection.

  1. Anna Kaminsky

    This is such an important story and your children are so lucky to have a parent that is caring and concerned. I had heard about this form of OCD before, so it is not new to me, however to hear that it could take so long to figure out what was wrong, makes me wonder how many other parents out there are struggling. Or, how many kids are going undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. A very unusual situation and so good that you got it figured out.

  2. Tiffany

    I believe we are dealing with this form of OCD. Could you please be more specific about how you treated your child with essential oils and B vitamins? Which oils and B vitamins, how often? We are struggling and could use direction.

    • Donna white

      Hi we are dealing with this as well please post what you have done ! Which vitamins and essential oils. If not please send an email.

  3. Kim

    Which essential oil did you use to treat OCD?

  4. Uma

    We are dealing with a similar case of OCD with my child. Please email me the brand of vitamins and essential oils you have used. Thank you!

  5. Kim

    I don’t think anyone really got a response back so I just wanted to let some people know what I found in all my research to help my boy with OCD. He is 15 and and every morning he takes (1) 1000 mg Taurine, (1) 200mg L-Theanine, (3) 500mg Inositol, (1) little package Emeren-C. (2)tablespoons Fish Oil with a high EPA and DHA (1) tablespoon of Ultra B complex liquid. About 3 o’clock he takes (2) 500 mg Inositol. Evening (2) 500 mg Inositol, (1) tsp magnesium. I buy all these at the Health Food Store. All natural. It takes about 3 months for all these to get in the system and to see a difference. It was truly worth it for us because he’s living a normal and happy life. We feel so blessed and I know God has had his hand in this the whole way. Thank u Lord. This may not work for everyone but I hope it will change someone’s life for the better. Please talk to your doctor before trying this because I don’t want to hurt. A lot of people with OCD can’t swallow pills, we buy capsules and pour the powder in mouth or buy the liquid.