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7 Responses to Our Life As Modern-Day Nomads

  1. Survivor  

    We also went to the woods to live deliberately, or in our case to the desert, and we haven’t looked back. Congratulations on your lifestyle choice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lauren Wayne  

    That was fabulous! I love seeing how RVers live. It’s a dream of ours for the future. Or maybe living aboard a boat. 🙂 The links for living small & simply will definitely come in handy for us right now, too — thanks for sharing!

  3. Dionna  

    Your mention of how much time we devote to home/yard upkeep, stuff upkeep, etc., is so spot-on. Sometimes it seems like that is all a part-time job. I can totally get the allure of leaving it all!

  4. Deb @ Living Montessori Now  

    You have an amazing lifestyle! I love that you and your family are having such an adventure … what a way to create awesome memories! 🙂

  5. Tiffany @ ModernDayNomads.com  

    Great post, Paige! Love to hear about more families living the nomadic life. For any interested parties, we feature work-to-travel jobs for the modern nomad on our site + social media pages. Happy travels, everyone!

  6. Diana

    Dear Paige, I loved reading your blog :-)) I am gonna read much more! We are a Dutch nomadic couple who have been living on the road since 2011 in our 1972 Volkswagen van, primarily in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and bits of the US. In November we are expecting our first child, who, if all goes well, will be born in Mexico. I am very curious as to how old your girls were when you started traveling as well as to the minimalistic side of your travels: what to pack with a newborn when you live nomadic (we have to be able to carry it all ourselves, so not your typical baby room for us ;-)), or young kids under 4? Looking forward to your reply! Love, Diana

  7. Diana

    Just a correction to my question, you just have one girl I see on the picture 🙂 Great family!