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3 Responses to Beginning Parenthood on an Island

  1. Janine (Alternative Housewife)  

    Those little things to look forward to are SO important. I still find myself planning “special” meals, TV shows or other activities for naps and after bedtime. By this point, most of those things could just as easily be done while the kid is awake but there is just something about looking forward to doing them alone (or with my husband).

    I can’t imagine living everyday with just a baby and no husband around… I predict it’s especially difficult to hold onto your sanity and your identity as more than a mother. Props to you!

  2. Andrea  

    Having some time to breathe, recharge, and find my center is critical! Those few minutes out of the day or the week allows me time to invest in myself and has the effect of making me a happier mama to have around.

  3. Angela  

    This must have been so difficult with a new baby! My husband recently took a job where he is gone for 5 week periods. My kids are 7, 4, and 1…we are adjusting. I think I am going to have to implement beer & pizza Friday, thank you!!