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5 Responses to Peacefully Parenting During Illness Or Injury

  1. Moorea  

    awesome. I can relate to all of this especially 15 min at a time 🙂

  2. Lisa

    Jennifer, I really liked your well written blog. Could you expand it? I have a two year old, a two month old, and my husband is overseas. I am also nursing and working full time. While, I have hired a cleaning lady once a week, this doesn’t help me parent peacefully when my two year and baby are melting down at the same time. Suggestions?

    • Jennifer S

      Hi Lisa! Let me see what else I can come up with. I am currently in the midst of a rather challenging medical issue so I do have some additional ideas. Perhaps I can post something on my blog next week…Thursdayish probably. I wll email you a link to the post as well as link it back here! Happy to help!

  3. melissa  

    Love the article! I would love to see more info on caring for children when one partner is ill with a chronic illness. My husband has Crohn’s disease and we have learned a lot about how to function while dealing with it. I would be happy to contribute our story as well if you were interested. We had quite a run thus far w his disease.

  4. Drea

    Love this post. When I was about 4 years old, my mom was in a car accident and hurt her back quite badly. She had to be in bed for most of the day, and she was a single mom with no local family on top of it.
    She found a way to play with me even while stuck on her back. Her feet were one of the only parts of her that was comfortable to move, so she would pretend that they were puppies, and the puppies would play with me. I absolutely loved it. This helped us get through that trying period. A little creativity and a positive attitude go a long way!