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10 Responses to Parenting with Intention: Creating a Daily Plan

  1. Lauren  

    What a cool idea! I must admit I’m the opposite of scheduled. Sometimes I get inspired and try to hash out some master plan in a spreadsheet, but I’ve yet to follow one for more than 5 minutes. Maybe something more freeform like this would be manageable.

  2. Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings  

    Well, I have to admit that I have not stuck to it as much as I’d like, though its really easy and helpful when I do. I am picking it up again this week, in fact! I really feel a lot more calm and in control when I have a plan written down.

  3. TopHat  

    I think I really need something like this, but the thought of using up a lot of paper is a little much more me. I need to brainstorm a good alternative!

  4. Kristin  

    Yeah, I hear you on the paper usage. And currently my printer is out of ink, another problem!

    You could print two sided, and/or shrink it so you can fit two on a page, maybe?

    I still need something in front of me, though, not on the computer or Ipod/phone, because I get sucked into wasting time when I check those.

    You could also laminate one, use an “overhead” marker and wipe it clear each day! I like to plan ahead at least a few days out, though, and like having a record of past meals/activities to draw from, so I like to hold on to my old ones.

    Good luck!

  5. Melissa  

    This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing – the picture is a big help, too 🙂

  6. Jen  

    This is great. I want to try this. I’ve tried schedules and I can’t stick to it. But rough goals might work. Thanks so much for including the PDF!

  7. Semi-crunchy Mama  

    What a great idea! I also struggle with organization in the way that I love it, but can’t seem to accomplish it. It’s become even more pronounced now as a mom of two.

  8. Terri  

    I love this! Got to print it out and try for sure. Interested in how you find the positive discipline cards too – they look good!

  9. Kristin  

    I like the cards, Terri! I think it is still helpful to read the book first (which I admittedly haven’t totally done yet, though I did take a class that covered it!) as it goes into more detail, but the cards are a great quick reminder of things to practice or keep in mind. You can also get the cards in “Ap” form for your iphone/ipod!

  10. Tory

    Love love love!!!! Thaaaanks! I need this! 🙂