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6 Responses to Passing On Attachment Parenting

  1. Amanda Adkins  

    After reading this I see I am a pioneer. Sad on behalf of the other mothers I know. I wish my sister would take a few tips and maybe try some type of attachment parenting as she seems to be very disconnected from her children. I’m proud of myself for going against the normals of society for the better of my child.

  2. gretchen

    I too was a “professional” nanny working for very affluent families and celebs. Giving their babies formula on a strict schedule, letting them cry it out because I was told to. I never knew anything about AP but when my son was born so was this AP mama! I nursed until he was 23 months on demand, only weened because I was pregnant and my milk dried up. I wore him constantly, we co-sleep and we understand each other. I never thought in a thousand years this would be our way, and my friends are not AP parents at all. I don’t judge/preach but I’m always happy to answer questions When they ask! =)

  3. Lindsay H

    Interesting categories! In my extended family I’m definitely an AP Pioneer and caught some flack for it! With friends I think I’m more in the “living it” category though. 🙂

  4. Amy McCarty

    I love this article. I can take a little from each at times… Better to just live it though and show from example. 🙂 Thanx for this.

  5. Randi K  

    I try to share by example or modeling. If it works on my kids, it should work on my friends.

  6. Becca

    I am happy to have so many Pioneer mommy friends. Each of us has chosen our own special plan as a parent. The common thread is happy children and happy families.