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5 Responses to Picky Toddler Eaters

  1. Emily B  

    So this is great, but what do you do when they’re younger (14 months) and won’t even TRY foods/drinks they’re not familiar with? If not for the bready foods my child would subsist entirely on milk and water. Not even juice. Not even diluted juice. He’s so weird. 😉

  2. Alicia C.  

    We started having eating problems with our little guy who is going on 29 months old. It took me a while to realize that it wasn’t the food I was giving him that he didn’t like, it was not having a choice. Now, I’ll give him two choices. He gets the one he picks. He feels empowered and I can make sure he’s getting something healthy.

    ***I tried giving him an array of choices, but it backfired on me – he couldn’t make up his mind!

  3. Juliette Aiyana, Herbalist, Nutrition Author

    Our toddler son does this every so often, preferring only one or two foods and shunning all other formerly beloved foods. This is complicated by the fact that he has a mild sensory disorder and when he hit about the 24-26 month mark, he started shunning even more foods. We hired a speech therapist who specializes in a feeding therapy called SOS, which does not force feed kids, the theory is that with kids with sensory disorders it is not that they don’t want to eat, it is that they can’t. The therapist told us that our son had reached an age where he became very aware of textures that took too much work to chew and or swallow (etc). and that the goal would be to help train his mouth how to eat, and open him to a wider variety of foods (textures, tastes etc). He has been doing sooo well!

  4. Heather k

    Thank you for writing this! My 28 month old has suddenly become extremely finicky and I’ve been trying not to panic. Thanks for some great best practices and reassurance. Bring on the whole wheat tortillas, grapes, and avocados!!! 🙂

  5. rachel

    You are all so misguided! Children who don’t eat what you’d like won’t starve and will grow to be just fine if you just butt out and let them eat what they want when they want it! Shame on all of you forcing food on children and letting them go hungry just so you can have your way with them!