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4 Responses to Please Help a Fellow NP Mama!

  1. Sarah

    I am so sorry to hear another mamma has to go through this! I haven’t gone through it myself (and really hoping I never need too) but…

    My mom was diagnosed when she was 29 – she’d just had my youngest sister, and breast fed all of us. My Aunt was also young 30 something, and so was my cousin when they were diagnosed. The link below is to my cousins blog – she’s writing about her journey and I really think it can help to know someone else has been there – is there.

    I am currently pregnant with number 3 – and the thought that I am now at that age and stage of life where so many others in my family have been scares me.


  2. Amy  

    Sending a note, Dionna 🙂

  3. teresa  

    I just emailed you a note.

  4. Ronise

    I have some information to send since I’ve been where Jen is… I was diagnosed on 12/2/09, just 6 months after I stopped nursing my twin boys after 2.5 years. Being 38 and not having a family history, it being breast cancer didn’t even cross my mind. I thought the tumor was a plugged duct that had returned. Stay vigilant ladies, especially if there’s family history.