Poetry from Elena

Written by NPN Guest on April 24th, 2012



I feel

you play

in me

And I

smiling into the dark

Dream your light to life.

Into the Wide World

In my branches I hold you,

Beautiful bird,

To nest and to chirp,

To perch and observe

the bustling world all around.

In my branches I hold you,

Slumbering babe,

Nestled in the crook of my arm

I close my leaves around you,

Shelter your dreams

of flight.

In my branches you will poise,

Go out on my limb and


You will circle me once,

Marveling at how small

I am.

From the wide world to my branches

You will return from time to time,

Finding them always a sturdy roost,


like home.

To Emily

I wished

For so many years

And with such anxious pleading

For your sweet presence

To come into my life.

Now that you are here,

More than the joy of your smile,

More than the love in your heart,

More than the beauty of your being,

You are the proof

That dreams do come true.

Waiting for Passage

Waiting for passage,

Deliverance from this weight,

New one to meet

at the other shore.

The darkness beckons.

I am floating too,

The measures of time

blur without meaning.

There are only heartbeats

to break this silence.


upside down,

All sound is muffled

into soothing murmur.

The world moves

lulls us to sleep.

Waves of dreams

lap at the shore of our life.

Water’s still drift

swirls back

To stagnant thoughts

of passage,


No way out but through.

When the dam finally breaks,

swell released,

The struggling fish

will wriggle free.

Life will flow

down parched banks

And these bone rocks,

weighted with growth,

Will breathe sun once again.

For now I am trapped

at the edge of the dam.

Water presses me against

unyielding stone.

I dive into the black,

check for cracks,

Listen to the muted swirling,

for signs of the breaking,

Waiting for passage,

Ready for deliverance.


Elena Margo Gould is Mama to five, writer and reader, teacher and student, currently residing in the foothills of the Appalachians. Her passion for natural and attachment parenting stems partly from lofty ideals of deep meaningful connection with family, Earth and Sky, and partly from her personal experience of N/AP being cheaper, easier and funner than the alternatives! She blogs at Wise Way Tribe about her journey of connection and reflection. Elena also volunteers as a moderator on the NPN Forums.

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