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5 Responses to Potty Learning and the Late Learner

  1. Charise Rohm Nulsen  

    Great advice! My son is almost three and has zero interest in potty learning. I’m just waiting for him to take the lead.

  2. Karolyn

    Thanks for this post! I am very frustrated with my son’s potty (non) use at the moment & needed some tips!

  3. Leanne

    thank god I am not the only one out there. It is very refreshing to know this. My son is three in a half and uses the potty to only go pee. Pooping in it is a struggle. He states that he is scared of his poo. Lol. I have just been reassuring him that it is ok nothi g to be scared off. Although I do get a good chuckle out of it cause some of the things he says are so obscure and absurd. I also think because I have a six month old this is way of showing his jealousy or it is some sort of control thing on his part. He is very stubborn by nature. I get tons of flack from family stating “you better get on this or else he will be wearing pull ups forever” I just smile. I know when he is ready he will do do it.

  4. Michelle

    Patience is a virtue…sometimes our little ones teach us more than we realize 😉 what worked for my son was seeing another child, younger than him, using the potty…if they could do it, so could he!!