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5 Responses to Potty Training Regression

  1. Michelle  

    Indeed, this is very, very common. You really are not alone and you have received some sound advice. What I will add, if I may, is that this stage *will* pass and then another developmental issue will be thrown your way! In my opinion and experience, the issues don’t become any easier to handle but with the knowledge that they’re normal and will pass, it becomes easier to stay relaxed and trust your own instincts. My eldest is 15. And believe me, I’m still learning! I wish you well in your parenting journey.

  2. diana

    i have a 4 year great-grandson who was potty and pooped trained all sudden he quit he has astium and sometimes it hard to explain to him about things what are my options. .

  3. Lize

    my daughter is 20 months, she has started potty training about 2 weeks ago. is it possible for growth spurt, of her not sleeping well and crying a lot (although she wants to use the potty) she hasnt been sleeping well.

  4. austin an stephanie smith

    What are some ways to break my daughter from using her dipper she just turned two she has used the potty once but now its Hard to get her to use the potty now what are some ways we can use to train her?

  5. Terry  

    My grandchildren have come to live with us as their parents are divorcing. I realize this in itself is the reason my almost 3 yr old g-dtr has regressed and is not using the potty. We take her to the BR every 1-2 hours when at home, it’s at her aunt’s and the pre-school she goes to that she pees and poos in her “big girl panties”. We’ve gone back to pull-ups, but she doesn’t seem to care, and her cousins make fun of her, and that doesn’t seem to bother her either. It drives me (g-ma) crazy because she’s been potty trained since she was two. Please advise……