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5 Responses to Respectful Ways to Share Natural Parenting Practices

  1. Moorea Malatt  

    what a lovely and wise piece! Thank you!

  2. Our Muddy Boots  

    I often feel so much on the defensive of my “alternative” parenting practices that I may sound offensive.

    Thanks for the useful tips and perspective.

  3. Michelle  

    Wow! Amazing piece. Thank you. Such fantstic advice and a lot of it mind-blowingly obvious but we all know that sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees and need things pointed out!

    I’ve just realised that this is exactly how my Jehovah’s witness friends behave. They listen respectfully and offer advice at exactly the right time. They live their beliefs and never push them on me. I see how their lives are much simpler (and in my opinion much better and happier) than mine and I ask questions because of what I see.

    I don’t wish to be a Jehovah’s witness but I do wish to be the best parent I can be. For sure, I make mistakes but I’m always open to suggestions for improvement. It doesn’t matter where the suggestions come from – as long as I see the person living their beliefs.

    • Amy  

      Funny, Michelle, because as I’ve grown into an adult I have also met some Jehovah’s witnesses who are similar to what you are mentioning. Regardless of belief, we all have choices about how we respond (even though it may not feel that way initially) and living what we are sharing does set a powerful example. 🙂

  4. Lexi Conklin

    Thank you for this! Whenever i voice my opinion on my natural parenting ways most people think that i am saying the way their parent there children is wrong.