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4 Responses to Everything in Its Rightful Place

  1. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama  

    What a beautiful post! I love how you paralleled the zen story and the piece of art with your children. I can identify so much.

  2. Amy  

    This is lovely…

    “Having a child forced me to better my life, my home, and my body step by step. While it didn’t happen over night, it still happened. Much like the story about the man and his Zen Master, I found that if you put things in order, one thing at a time, in the end everything will be in its rightful place.”

    Thank you, Karen, for sharing and for allowing parenthood to “better you.” 🙂 I can relate in many ways…

  3. Melissa K.  

    Such a beautiful post! Like Amy and Charise, I can definitely relate in more ways than one. I really appreciate all of the connections you draw, as this really is a complex issue. Becoming a parent is such a transformative process!

  4. Dena

    I love the story and hearing about your experience. I never really thought about it like that. Thanks!