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11 Responses to Set Yourself Up to Succeed

  1. Abbie  

    I remember feeling so wonderful when we mastered nursing laying down! 🙂

  2. Melissa  

    I’m so glad to see you discussing this topic here! Your insights are definitely valuable! I have all three of the things you discuss very helpful, and I’m interested to see what tips other mamas have since mine is about to hit the toddler stage, too 🙂

  3. Jessica Lang @ Cloth Diapering Mama  

    First off, I love the picture of your family bed, with dad all sleepy and the twins hanging out 🙂 So precious!! Also love that you pointed out that you were trying to put your twins on an “adult-centric” schedule. It took us 30 something years to get on an adult schedule, but sometimes we just think our babies should just “go along”. Great article!

    • Mama Mo @ Attached at the Nip

      Thanks, Jessica! There are a lot of things I did just because the nurses or doctors in the NICU said so. Trying to schedule the babies was one of them, and putting rice in Jack’s expressed milk to thicken it was another… and that’s the biggest regret I have. If nothing else it taught me to question authority and go with my instincts.

  4. Brynn  

    Bringing home children from the NICU and then trying to get BF’ing up and running, wow! What a great feat, but a wonderful joy once mastered.

    I think the biggest difference between having my first and then my socong 18 months later was the amount of confidence I went into the second experience with. I, too, didn’t trust myself fully and relied heavily on the opinions of my son’s (childless) pediatrician. Once I became a member of a local mother’s group, however, I began to find many tried-and-true solutions to questions and very real struggles I was having. My confidence grew, and I could finally *enjoy* being a Mama.

  5. Mama Mo @ Attached at the Nip

    Thank you, Brynn! I know that when we have our third child, I will be much more informed and confident… with lessons well learned.

  6. Momma Jorje

    Here, here! (or is it Hear, hear!) Well I hear ya! On all counts!

    The one I can not support enough, though, because it seems the least mentioned on Mommy sites is making our environments child friendly. My parents don’t seem to realize why I don’t like to visit their homes often or for very long. It is exhausting! Meanwhile, articles for our baby’s age range (she is 16mo) say her favorite word is likely “No!” Um… nope. Because, contrary to popular expectations, is NOT the word she hears the most! She only JUST started saying no, to the things she doesn’t want. You want a drink of water? No. Juice? No. Milk? Yes!

    As for feeling like a success, that is an excellent way to “grade” yourself. You felt… well, you probably felt like you were failing there in the beginning of each of those struggles, but you SUCCEEDED! Go you!

  7. April

    My mom said she never could master nursing lying down, and that if she had it would probably have changed a lot for her. She has been so supportive of all the thing we are doing. One of which is to turn what is starting to look like a battle into a game. (:
    My husband has a great sense of humor. For example, for a poor eater at mealtime, he created the “I hope a mouse doesn’t eat my bite” game. Our 5yo still begs him to let her be a mouse. The Mouse crawls under the table and waits quietly. DH puts a spoon/fork-full of food under the table, and says it is to hide it from the mouse, and that he hopes THIS bite won’t get eaten – then acts appalled and shocked when the bite disappears!! This usually continues until the plate is clean! (: