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Written by Shannon on March 11th, 2011

Featured Blogger

Picture taken by Shae

Shae and her husband, Luke, live on the outskirts of Melbourne with their three daughters, Tannah (almost 6), Willow (3 1/2), and Harper (almost 2). Shae is one of the mentors for our “Ask the Mentor” posts. She is hoping that by being a part of the Natural Parents Network, she can broaden her online community. She also wants to bring hope to other parents by sharing her stories and being honest about her experiences.

She only started blogging because all her friends were doing it. Click a random post on her blog and you will see, “a photo of my kids, maybe my boob and probably my opinion or experience as a natural parent.” She blogs at Yay For Home! with great humor about her family, home schooling, natural parenting, and whatever else catches her fancy. She loves that her hobby can be enjoyable, relaxing, and enjoyed by so many other people. After a bit of a hard time choosing just three favorite posts, Shae let me pick from her top four, so here are our combined three favorites!

  • Extraordinary, a look at what an uninterrupted post birth experience looks like. It is sad that more people don’t know what a healthy, natural birth looks. Thank you, Shae for sharing this powerful photo with all of us.
  • My Wonderful Kids, where she comes “clean” about why her kids are frequently messy, loud, wild, and most importantly, free.
  • A Glossary of Co-Sleeping Scenarios. “If you have co-slept, even once, you will probably relate to a few of these.” My daughter was particularly fond of the “shadow.”

When her first daughter was an infant, Shae was told that she was being too responsive by feeding on demand, co-sleeping, and holding the baby all the time. She was advised to stand outside the nursery and let Tannah cry it out so that she would learn to self soothe. They were both bawling uncontrollably before Shae realized that this was not right for them. “Ever since that day I have been trying to keep connected to my kids and parent consciously. It led to attachment parenting, homebirth, and radical unschooling!” This experience has also made Shae passionate about helping other families learn about non mainstream parenting and life styles.

As an unschooling family, there is a lot of unstructured time in their days, and also lots of room to try new and different activities. Last year, she and the kids went to homeschool camp and they are very much looking forward to going again this year. Because of her husband’s work schedule, Shae is the primary parent from when the kids wake up to when they go to sleep. When things seem out of control at home, she tries to remember that “everything can be cleaned.” Also, her husband always finds a way to help her get time to herself, or to visit with friends, so that she can stay sane. Some day she hopes to “live on the road in a camper trailer for a year or so and see where the road takes us…”

Shae, I totally want to be like you when I grow up too. I hope your journey through life continues to be interesting, fulfilling, and most of all, fun.

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  1. Jessica  

    CUTEST pic 🙂

    Looking forward to reading the co-sleeping article…lol…people would probably laugh at the night time antics in our family bed… 🙂 I’m sure we could swap some stories!

  2. Momma Jorje

    Adorable photo and I love the co-sleeping glossary! We are also working toward living on the road! Best of luck to you in the same endeavor!

  3. Shae  

    Thanks for having me!

  4. Melissa  

    It’s so nice to have an introduction to Shae 🙂 You do such a lovely job with these, Shannon!

  5. Shannon

    I just realized that comments aren’t being mailed to me on these. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the featured blogger posts.