Sibling Revelry: Growing Up Together

Written by Amy W. on August 12th, 2014

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Welcome to the August 2014 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Friends

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IMG_0396Six years ago, I was only slightly pregnant. I vaguely recall preparing for birth, and holding my children when they were tiny.  It was wonderful.  And now, I have two beautiful children that both inspire and mystify me – two growing siblings that love and challenge each other as they grow up together. It’s pretty amazing.

Growing up with a brother ten years my senior, I am thankful that we have two little Silly Bears closer in age than my husband and I were to our siblings. My brother and I were (not purposefully) ten years apart in age, and while I have a few fond memories of spending time with him when I was small, we did not interact much. He was already off at high school, college, and in his own young adult world by the time I was really interested in having a playmate. I was just the kid sister, never really a playmate to my brother.


Abbey and Joseph are two and a half years apart, and this seems to be a really fun age gap (and one that worked well for us!). It’s just so much fun for them to play together, bond over struggles, and practice social situations in pretend play. Abbey and Joseph both love and challenge one another.

Abbey is showing Joe all the fun things to do, like pretending, climbing and monkey-bars, doing crafts, and even going potty (yep, Joe thinks it’s super fun – thanks Abbey!).

And Joe is showing Abbey that there are limits to her older-sibling power. He is big enough now to stand up for himself and to report breaches of household rules when Abbey lets her strong will take her off course during sibling play.

 “I’ve been so deep in The Blur for so many years. Not sleeping, eating cold mac and cheese off of Winnie the Pooh plates. Every day determined by nap schedules, nursing, diaper changes and preschool pick up. But that has changed over the past year or so, without me even noticing.” 

writes Juliana Miner, in her article “The Sweet Spot”.

Have I told you yet how amazing it is that I can sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee while our Silly Bears scamper off to play “Frozen,”  “Alice and the Mad Hatter,” “Ninja Turtles,” “Princess Ball,” or draw pictures in their rooms? It’s an intoxicating glimpse into the future, when I can really enjoy “the sweet spot” that moms of older children get to experience . . .


When I hear my sweet silly bears chattering and playing and growing together in their vibrant sibling revelry, I sit back and enjoy the fact that they don’t need me in that moment. They might need me in a few seconds, but for just that small amount of time, the Blur softens, and I can breathe a little.

I’m insanely glad that we were blessed to be able to give Abbey a sibling within the window that we planned. I love that they’re good friends.  It’s so fun to watch them grow and change, and such a benefit to me to see their relationship adjusting to their growing ages and stages – – – even allowing me a few seconds of down time every now and again.


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