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6 Responses to Sibling Revelry: Growing Up Together

  1. Dionna  

    Yes, yes, yes! I was worried that Kieran and Ailia would be too far apart to really enjoy playing together (they’re 4 years apart), but there are still often times when I can sit back and revel in the giggles, soak in the “I love you’s” (between siblings), and wish I could freeze these moments in time. Sibling love is incredible.

  2. Crunchy Con Mom  

    One of my favorite things is watching my sons play together. It is so fun to see the sweet nurturing side of my older one and the adventurous side of my younger as the older tries to care for the younger while younger tries to copy older 🙂

  3. Lauren Wayne  

    What a great glimpse into the joy of our kids having siblings! Mine are farther apart in age (4 years between the first two & soon to be 3.5/7.5 for the third), so I really relish the times they scamper off together into mutual play.

  4. Shay  

    We hear so much about sibling rivalry and how to fix it; it’s refreshing to hear about siblings that enjoy spending time together. Our LO is an only for now but we’re blessed that he has plenty of cousins and friends to get a taste of this joy.

  5. Jennifer @ Hybrid Rasta Mama  

    I always am fascinated by posts about siblings since I am an only child, raised by only children, and have an only child myself. So yeah – no insight here but loved to read yours!

  6. Life Breath Present  

    What a wonderful post. We certainly would like our children similarly spaced and though we’re not actively trying quite yet, we’re getting close to that time. I do very much look forward the friendship I hope our children form amongst themselves. Having 3 younger siblings I know how wonderful it can be to have others always at the ready to love, support, and encourage me whenever I need it. 🙂