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4 Responses to Solo Parenting Naturally #1

  1. Rebekah  

    Under “Communication and Community” could you consider linking to the “Attachment and Single Parenting” subforum on the NPN forum?: http://naturalparentsnetwork.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=66&sid=0e6abb0e2e171472b11c6669c82614ba

    The purpose of this forum is much like this article in that it is for “attached parents who are single or who parent on their own because of their partner’s work schedule.”

  2. Melissa  

    Thank you for this, Amy. I’m fortunate enough to have a wonderful partner in parenting, but he was deployed for the first eight months of our daughter’s life so I found myself navigating the waters of new parenthood alone and every one of the things you mentioned proved to be so very important to my success during those months.

  3. Amy  

    Thank you, Rebekah, I added the link to the NPN forum!

    Glad it was affirming, Melissa. 🙂