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6 Responses to Soy Formula Safety

  1. Lauren  

    This was very interesting to read. Thank you to the question asker for sparking the discussion, and to the mentors for their research. I had heard that ingesting soy was possibly bad while pregnant with a boy so tried to avoid it on the chance that (a) it was true and (b) we were having a boy — yes to (b), both times. It’s helpful to know that the data are not conclusive on (a) yet. Well, as helpful as not knowing can be! 🙂

    I appreciate how supportive you were able to be to the question asker and hope this has eased some of her fears.

  2. Emily

    I was given soy for the first 6 mos of my life. My mom said all I did was puke and finally they gave me 2% and I was fine. 33 years later I have never had a period and am infertile. As far as doctors can tell, my reproductive system just never developed after an infant state. There is no history of such problems in my family, I check out perfectly normal health wise, am normal weight, and all my hormone and thyroid stuff came back normal. After exhausting all possibilities, my doctors agree it is because of being on soy for my first 6 mos of life. This is just me, but know this can happen. I’m fine, but I have no relationships because I don’t know what I would tell someone and I find it hard to really relate to other women on a womanly level because I don’t go through the same things most women experience. I just live life and try to forget about it, but sometimes it makes me sad. Only my closest friends know, but it bothers me a lot.

    • Kathy

      Please don’t let your lack of menses or ability to have babies keep you from seeking a partner in life, or other relationships……you are more than your ability to reproduce or slough off old eggs. I’m sure you are a wonderful person and have much to offer!

  3. Mrs. Kwon


  4. Jude

    Hi, I need helps on my son current issues. He is facing constipation right now as he told me that his stomach is not feeling well all the time and no appetite. I’m quite worry. I hope anyone here able to suggest to me what sort of formulas can prevent constipation issue. Thank you.

  5. Susan

    Our 3rd son was fed soy formula for awhile. He’s now almost 13 and about 2 years ago – when the changes begin happening inside – we noticed he started putting on weight with no change in eating or activity. He has had what I consider slow growth rate, he’s overweight compared to the rest of our kids, and his private parts have not grown like they should have for his age. Just yesterday we discovered he has thyroid issues probably Hashimotos tyroiditis. The delayed puberty, stunted genital growth and stunted height are all symptoms of boys who’ve been fed soy formula. LH/FSH levels are below where they should be for his age. He’s the only one of our 5 kids who had soy and he’s the only one who’s had one issue after another. I’m sick and heartbroken.