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4 Responses to Spiced Raspberry Leaf Tea

  1. Janine  

    I drank so much of that stuff trying to induce labor in the fall! I found it good but kind of blah – I like my tea with some spiciness if it isn’t very sweet. Maybe I’ll try it in juice.

  2. Acacia @ Fingerpaint & Superheroes

    That sounds very tasty! I’ve drank raspberry leaf tea for both pregnancies and by the time I was half way through dreaded drinking it. I got soooo bored of it. I started mixing it into other things, like using a really strong batch to add to smoothies.
    You’re suggestions are great and I definitely recommend them for anyone who is pregnant or TTC!

  3. Carissa Cox

    Another great idea is to just make a sun tea from this by using the sun as energy. Place in a glass container and put it outside in the sun in the morning, by late afternoon or dinner it should be ready!

  4. Julia  

    I did a mint tea while I was pregnant. The taste started getting to me after awhile. Maybe I’ll switch it up next time and do this, too!