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Written by Shannon on April 2nd, 2011

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Stacy, one of our Ask the Mentor mamas, lives in Seattle with her husband Rom and their two sons, Orlando (7 1/2), and Mica (4). They are excited to have recently moved into a home in a cohousing community. As an unschooling family, they spend their days playing, exploring Seattle, and enjoying activities with friends.

When her first son was newly born, Stacy found herself staring out the window with him and thinking, “I need to find the connection between motherhood, peace, and community. I know it’s here.” That moment is what lead her to Natural Parenting. She thinks that being a part of Natural Parents Network is a good way to “gain a greater understanding of parenting naturally in these modern times and to experience a sense of sharing and togetherness with other parents.” She also hopes to share the perspective of parenting she has gained through mindfulness and meditation.

Stacy started blogging shortly after the birth of her second child as a way to stay motivated to write. It took her almost a year to discover the community of blogging, and was delighted when she did. She writes about mindfulness along with stories and pictures of their day-to-day life. Stacy finds that she most often writes about things that she needs to understand better, “I’m not an expert and I don’t have all the answers, but I share what I am seeking and dreaming of, and what I’m discovering.” In that vein, her favorite three posts are gentle, thoughtful, and sometimes a little silly.

  • Till Water is Clear, written for inclusion in the Carnival of Natural Parenting. Stacy realized that it is her job as the mother to, “understand the weather patterns, to exert what influence I can over what comes, to prepare us for what’s in store, to do the best with what I’ve got.” If her blog had a manifesto, it would be this.
  • Practicing Peace, the introduction to her series on how she implements mindfulness and meditation as a full time homeschooling mother.
  • I’ll Open My Heart Until It Can Hold The Whole World, a cute story about how she turned a too quick “No!” into a fun game with her kids.

Stacy has a passion for service and dreams of one day being a Hakomi therapist and a post-partum doula. Until then, she finds balance in weekend meditation and Hakomi retreats, her monthly parenting group, visiting with friends, and blogging. “Blogging inspires me to take more beautiful photos and to write more creatively, and the comments and feedback from family, friends, and readers is pure nourishment.” She also aims to rest during the day and take care of her body by avoiding foods she is sensitive to.

Parenthood has helped Stacy feel a deeper connection with herself and others, along with a great sense of the joy of life. Her most defining moments of parenthood have been when she has fully embraced that connection, like when, “my older son came home to discover that most of his Lego creations had been destroyed by his younger brother. My older son was crying and I went to him. He cried for almost twenty minutes, as I held him and wiped his tears, and made eye contact as it felt right. I wanted to tell him we could rebuild them, that it was dinner time, that he had cried enough… but I held back and simply held him.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences on connection with us. Your story has really inspired me.

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