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Written by Shannon on December 18th, 2010

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Suchada lives in California with her husband, Sean, a drug and alcohol counselor with the navy. They have two boys, Lukas (2), and Otto (6 months). They dream of moving somewhere “Near a lake, in a place with seasons.” A place they can own chickens and goats, and grow their own food. Thanks to her father’s career in the Army when she was a child and her stint after college, she has vacationed and lived all over the world including Germany, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

During her first pregnancy, Suchada assumed that she would be a mainstream parent. She planned to breastfeed and have a natural birth because that’s what her mother had done but “When I started researching hospitals and learned about all the interventions, I knew that wasn’t the way I wanted my pregnancy and birth to go. I decided to go with a birth center. My knowledge of natural parenting, and my desire to go in that direction just cascaded from there.” She blogs at Mama Eve because she “Did so much research and learned so much it seemed like a shame not to share it with anyone.” Here are her favorite three posts.

She loves that through blogging she has a daily reason to be by herself. She also loves the community she has found through her blog and she looks forward to that community growing through the Natural Parents Network. “There’s such an amazing community of women [blogging] that I want to be a part of, and I think it’s exciting that we can help shape our world.”

Suchada’s ideal day is, “Wake up, make oatmeal and cut fruit, get everyone dressed, go for a walk, eat breakfast, go to the park with friends, come home, make and eat lunch, then get everyone down for naps. I either sleep with them or write/work on website/facebook/twitter/email. When they wake up they play by themselves and I’ll continue to work until it’s time to start dinner, eat, clean up, get ready for bed, relax with the hubs, then everyone is off to bed.” She admits that it doesn’t usually work out that way. When she gets time to herself she likes to hang out with her friends. She is fortunate to know some amazing mothers and “As long as I can spend time with them to vent, talk things over, or just hang out, I can deal with life.”

Thank you for all your hard work, Suchada. Your flair for research is a great resource for our community.

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