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6 Responses to Featured Blogger: Suchada

  1. Kat

    What a lovely photo!

    It’s so nice to see that so many of us mamas have so much in common and we are all going through the same things! Community really is a great thing!

  2. Suchada @ Mama Eve  

    Thanks Kat! I have been amazed at how many like-minded mamas I’ve come across through blogging, and it has helped me get through so many difficult times. It’s so nice to meet you!

    I just noticed that Otto’s age is incorrect — he’s actually 7 months (he was 6 months at the time of the interview) — so I am still in the midst of breastfeeding and diapers, plus all the toddler discipline that goes along with having two so close in age.

    I’m looking forward to meeting even more like-minded mothers to share this journey with!

    • Shannon

      I only just realized that I’m not getting email notifications of the comments on these posts. I’ll fix Otto’s age right now.

  3. Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings  

    Ah, that makes more sense about the age of your little one — I was impressed your 6 YEAR old was still napping!

    Your ideal day sounds lovely! I look forward to reading your favorite posts!

  4. Julia  

    I loved reading this post since I love all of Mama Eve’s posts! Good to “see” and know more about a blogger I really like. 🙂

  5. Suchada @ Mama Eve  

    Thanks so much Kristin and Julia!