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Moorea Malatt is the founder of Savvy Parenting Support (and MamaLady blog), an online resource for gentle and naturally-minded early parenting challenges. Moorea is an expert and Parent Educator in gentle (and early) potty learning, gentle sleep learning and gentle discipline. She authors online learning programs, books and blogs, leads sold-out workshops and provides private phone consults. Moorea has 20 years of experience with parents and young children as a preschool teacher, certified postpartum doula, infant nanny and mom. Moorea also wrote an album of songs called, “Whip It Out: Songs for Breastfeeding.” Moorea continues to study the behavioral sciences and anthropology. She is a bit of a flop as a dinner chef loves a good sugar-free “paleo” baking experiment! http://www.facebook.com/Savvyparentingsupport

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  1. Kellie

    I have a “nakey bakey” running around right now! We’ve been at it full time for about a week now, since the weather has been warm enough to ditch the diaper. He is still sleeping in one, but all during the day he is happily running out the door to pee in the grass. This is my second summer naked butt baby and it worked well the first time for us. Hoping the second goes as smoothly! It seems to be so far.

    I would add, though, that Gerber training pants have a plastic “pads” in the center that actually don’t absorb liquid.

    Also, my first son decided to potty learn on vacation as well – he figured out that we were stopping the van at regular intervals to go to the potty and that he could hold it that long and potty with us.

    • Moorea  

      I love that, Nakey Bakey! :) What the gerber pants I have known have is inside, which I have seen from cutting them is a very thin foam liner. I think it is enough to catch just a half of a normal sized pee- definitely not all about protecting the furniture. I recommend them because they are cheap and they wash up nicely without lingering stink. ;) Little Beetles hold a lot more and I do recommend them. Do you want to tell us what you use, Kellie?

  2. Kellie

    I don’t use training pants, actually! :D We just give them a naked bottom at home, and put on regular unders and pants, or a diaper, when we are out and about – depending on how well they are remembering to go in the potty or outside.

  3. Courtney  

    We’re in the thick of pottyland right now. My almost two-year-old can hold it forever, which is good because she knows the feeling, but bad because she can’t yet let loose. I’ll leave her bottomless (even inside) for 4-5 hours at a time, then as soon as I put the diaper on, I feel it getting warm before she’s even dressed.

    So it goes. I suppose she’s young yet, considering we didn’t EC.

    • Moorea  

      Hi Courtney! Diapers simply prolong potty learning for just the reason you suggest- when we are used to something, we continue it. Used to peeing in a diaper? Diaper is the cue to pee. Cold turkey and new underwear may teach her what it is like to pee and have it run down your leg and be soggy or pee and make it in the potty. And be easy on yourself and your little one. I feel that around 2yrs can be the most challenging time for potty learning (they want agency over their decisions and bodies for sure and like to argue and fight about everything- all age appropriate and adorable but hard with potty learning)
      write me at moorea@mamaladyparenting.com if you need any help!

  4. Addy

    I am potty training my two years, one two month old toddler boy, and I’ve found that a “nakey bakey” at home, and no undergarment on the go works best for us. Just loose fitting pants. I’ve used regular cotton undergarments sometimes, but he seems less accident prone with the loose fitting bottom.

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