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40 Ways to Support Pumping Mamas from Code Name: Mama

Pumping is hard work, and pumping moms need our support! Today at Code Name: Mama, Dionna is sharing 40 Ways to Support Pumping Mamas (at Home and at Work), and we want to share one of those ways with our readers at NPN.

The idea for Dionna’s “40 Ways to Support Pumping Mamas” post was born out of a story told by a teacher friend of hers. The friend was visiting a school within her district and needed to pump. She saw another mother’s pump in the room they gave her to pump in. Smiling, she left a post it note on the stranger’s pump, encouraging her and telling her how awesome she was for pumping. She signed it the “Dairy Fairy.”

In a fun and creative effort to celebrate pumping mamas, Dionna and Destany (of They Are All of Me) came up with the Pumping Pixie, a sweet little sprite you can print off and leave anonymously (or not!) on pumps of the pumping moms you encounter.

There are two versions of the Pumping Pixie. The first one (above) has a pump in one hand and a star-tipped wand in the other. The second image (below) shows our pixie with a hands-free pumping bra and a breast-tipped wand – perfect for the midwives and Lactation Consultants in your life to hand out! They both say “Milky Blessings from the Pumping Pixie. For parenting and pumping support visit” There are color and black and white versions of both.

40 Ways to Support Pumping Mamas from Code Name: Mama

We have created several PDF files so that you can share the Pumping Pixie with a pumping mama in your life. Each version of the Pumping Pixie is available 6 per page; you can print them (as many times as you’d like!) on cardstock or another heavy paper to cut up into small cards to slip into pump bags (add your encouraging note to personalize them!). There is also a PDF that you can turn into a door hanger (see an example below; 2 door hangers per page) so that you can turn any office or room into a pumping-friendly environment.

We have not set a price for these PDFs, but we do request a voluntary donation.

100% of all donations will go to purchase Best for Babes PumpEase hands free pumping bras from Snugabell for moms at domestic violence shelters.

40 Ways to Support Pumping Mamas from Code Name: Mama

To donate, please click on the Paypal button below (you’ll need to sign into your Paypal account) and send your donation to Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {dot} com. Please mark your donation as personal. Please specify which PDF you would like:

  1. Hand-out cards – color – pump NOT in use
  2. Hand-out cards – black and white – pump NOT in use
  3. Hand-out cards – color- pump IN USE
  4. Hand-out cards – black and white – pump IN USE
  5. Door hanger – color – pump NOT in use
  6. Door hanger – black and white – pump NOT in use
  7. Door hanger – color – pump IN USE
  8. Door hanger – black and white – pump IN USE

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