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4 Responses to Tackling Toddler Eating Habits

  1. Anne Marie

    Thank you so much for this post! I struggle with an eating disorder, so I am always worried about how to approach food and meal times with my son. These resources will really help us as he grows into toddlerhood.

  2. melissa aka equidae

    thank you for such an informativre post. my hubs was v. concerned about our son not eating much and admittedly i was to but this came right on time!

  3. Kristin  

    Great post! I pretty much agree with EVERYTHING here, too! We have struggled with picky eating, especially with my oldest, but no severe issues, thankfully.

    I have learned to (mostly) chill out and not worry too much about it, but it’s HARD! I really believe that I have a responsibility to set the foundation by offering a variety healthy foods, at regular times, and leaving what/how much she eats up to each child. I really avoid trying to cater to their preferences or making “special” meals for them, as that seems to spiral out of control so easily.

    What is nice about having three kids is usually at least one of them will like some part of the meal, which makes me feel better for some reason!

  4. Alicia C.  

    Great post! My little guy has been turning his nose up at some of his favorite foods lately. It’s good to know that he’s just being a toddler!

    One food that he constantly asks for is pizza. Since I make ours from scratch, I can put all kinds of toppings on it, making it very nutritious AND something that he’ll eat. So, right now, I’m making pizza four times a week and feeding him leftovers on the off-days. I guess I’m lucky he’s not asking for cookies!