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3 Responses to Talk To Me Sweet Baby

  1. Momma Jorje

    I am so glad you know it in your heart, Arpita! I’m just as certain that you’ll have your baby in arms one day before too long!

    Does it ever bother you to hear (or read) friends complain about pregnancy?

  2. Arpita  

    Thank you Jorje!

    I have to admit, I’ve definitely had moments when I wince at a complaint about pregnancy since I am literally craving sore boobs, backaches and nausea etc… However, I try to remind myself that we all have our own burdens that we go through, and my feeling bad about someone complaining is my lesson to learn, not theirs. I can choose to let myself give in to that negative emotion and start the downward spiral, or choose to remind myself that everyone is walking their own experience that they were meant to at this moment. It is much easier said than done, some days though. 😉

  3. Lani

    Arpita, You are amazing! Your post is beautiful. You truly are going to make and amazing mother. It’s not a matter of if, like you said it’s just when… When you think you can’t go anymore your strength will bring you there! I felt like giving up so many times. I have to say you are an inspiration to me. I still have not gotten to that point, it still hurt when I recently found out my sister-in-law got pregnant the first month they tried again! Even though I have a my son and I am so excited about a new baby in the family, it still cuts… SO thank you for this post. <3