The 5 Best Things about Surrogacy

This past January I was lucky enough to give birth to a beautiful baby boy as a surrogate. The whole experience was amazing and I’ve written about it in depth on my blog. There are certain awesome things about a surrogacy, however, that just don’t fit within those more thoughtful posts.

And so I present the 5 Best About a Surrogate Pregnancy:

5. The look on people’s faces when you tell them it’s not your husband’s baby, but don’t worry, it’s not yours either! 

Priceless! While I presented the pregnancy more delicately to family and close friends, it is fun to mess with the myriad of curious bystanders one encounters when they are sporting a pregnant belly. And nothing stops the unwanted pregnancy advice faster than a healthy dose of confusion!

4. Your kid gets to walk around telling everyone that you’re having a baby for a kangaroo family. 

Confused? So were her teachers, and friends, and friends’ parents. Oops! When explaining my pregnancy to Gwen, we read her this book: The Kangaroo Pouch: A Story About surrogacy for Young Children. It worked beautifully and she was so excited, but it did cause some confusion when she wanted to refer to the surrogate family by the kangaroo family’s name!

 3. Someone else is forced to actually care about your pregnancy as much as you do! 

Seriously, how many times have we sat through someone’s endless recounting of all their pregnancy symptoms, trying to find yet another new way to express your sympathy for their nausea? Or on the flip side, wanted to recount every ache, pain, and food aversion to someone; but know that no one really wants to hear it?! Even the good stuff gets repetitive. I mean how many kicks can someone really stand to hear about? If they are the parents, every single one of them. Every detail is a gift, so spill it all!

2. Getting to go home and sleep! 

Normally when a baby is born and you head home, it’s to endless nights of feedings and diaper changes. Sleep is an elusive beast. But after a surrogate pregnancy, you get to go home and well, SLEEP! Let me tell you, it is much easier to recover from pregnancy and childbirth when you don’t actually have to care for a newborn! And maternity leave with no baby? Divine! I worked my way through 8 seasons of Scrubs and multiple books.

1. In the end, the most brilliant thing is creating a new family. Because seriously guys, that’s what it’s all about.

I know that most of these are tongue-in-cheek, but in the end, the best part of a surrogate pregnancy really is seeing the beautiful new family that you helped create. Family is such a beautiful thing, and so is surrogacy.

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