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5 Responses to When the Time Comes: The Circumcision Talk

  1. Stephanie  

    Right on! I am the proud mother of an intact boy! 🙂

  2. Amy  

    You are an honest woman, Jenn. Thank you for sharing your story. May it assist other parents in their decision making, or in forgiving themselves for making a choice for their child.

    If my first would have been a boy we may have been in the same boat. Thankfully, when I had the boy my former co-LLL Leader was very adamant about leaving little boys intact and provided me with lots of information. As you said, if mothers saw the videos or pictures they would think again in most cases.

    Even without a foreskin your son is whole and if he has any doubt, he will come to know this truth through your dedication to being honest with him. (Save this post for him to read later). 🙂

    • Keith Russell

      Amy, I have to inform you that a penis without a foreskin is NOT whole. as your son will discover when he become sexually active, to the point where he does not orgasm. Rabbi Moses Maimonides admitted some 800 years ago that genital cutting was invented to diminish sexual pleasure. It does.

  3. Tricia Logan

    Well said Jennifer. I work as an RN on a maternal baby floor at the only general hospital in our city. We also have only one pediatrician willing to perform newborn circumcision in our area. He will allow parents to watch if they ask, very few do. We now charge around $300.00 for this “plastic surgery” and I make no qualms about calling it that. Why should medicare pay for a parents unhappiness about the appearance of their son’s penis? Slowly, because of people sharing their stories like yours, circumcision is becoming out of fashion. Thank you!

  4. Keith Russell

    The day that male genital mutilation is banned cannot come soon enough. Then medical staff won’t have to do things they know to be wrong. It was done to me, but I made sure it did not happen to my son. Or my daughter (It was still legal then.), we are working to get the gutless politicians to pass laws to give the same legal protection that girls have. Since puberty, I realised that my penis was not as good as the other boys, and now is useless, no orgasms for many years, all the sensitivity is gone, and my penis is good only as a urine spout. Campaign against Juvenile Genital Cutting.