The Gift of Presence

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Holidays, regardless of which you may celebrate, are fast approaching. Companies have added convenient reminders (in the event that you’ve forgotten) in the forms of mass marketing ads in print, on television, on the radio. Stores place products in positions to attract impulse shoppers. In the event that you are uncertain what to buy a person on your gift giving lists, they have that covered with top gift lists for the season. The main message is to buy.

While the stores and advertisers would have us believe that they have what our children really want for the holidays, it’s far from the truth. The one thing all children really want…is the gift of our presence.

This holiday season and the year to come, spend time with the children in your life. Celebrate age old traditions. Start new ones. Do things together. Involve your children in charity work. Help them make gifts for others. Hug and kiss them, and let them know how special they are to you.

If you are looking for gift ideas, focus on ones that promote time together:

  • give a membership to a local museum or children’s attraction and have fun with your children year-round
  • wrap up a favorite chapter book and read it together
  • give a movie night with a beloved movie on DVD (or rental) and some popping corn or other goodies
  • give board games and have weekly family game nights
  • give an experience of something they would love to do with you
  • give a clue gift to help them decipher where you will be taking them for a fun family night or special one on one time

No matter what you may give them, the most treasured gift will be time with you.

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