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15 Responses to The Hyland’s Recall & Homeopathics

  1. Casey  

    I don’t have any teething children right now, but we have used Hylands in the past. At this point, I’m not convinced that this recall is much to worry about. When Baby #3 gets to the teething stage, I’m considering an amber necklace as a first step. If we need other remedies after that, I’ll keep Hylands in mind. We have had good results with them in the past.

  2. Momma Jorje

    Egad, I hadn’t heard about the recall at all! While I will certainly stop offering them to my daughter (she doesn’t use them often right now, thankfully!), I don’t want to lose these altogether. The teething tablets have been our one relief for her. Thanks so much for passing this info along, as well as SO much more about homeopathic choices!

  3. Kat@Loving {Almost} Every Moment

    I agree that I don’t feel concerned about the tablets containing belladona. I used them for both of my kiddos and I found they really helped them. I feel much safer using homeopathics for run of the mill teething crankiness than OTC meds like Ibuprofen and/or tylenol (although these have their uses too), which as we may all recall actually had a serious recall earlier this year. I think more people just need to understand the principles behind homeopathy and how formulations are prepared. Thanks for this article!

  4. Dagmar Bleasdale  

    I used these teething tables for my son, but he didn’t have that hard of a time while teething, so he didn’t get many. I go for homeopathy before considering any other remedies, I really believe in it.

    Dagmar’s momsense

  5. Ashley  

    My son teethed hard, and while the teething tablets rarely did the job alone, usually they helped calm him down while the medication kicked in. It did cut out dependence on Orajel completely.

    I mean to try the amber teething necklaces next time around; I’d never heard of them until most of my son’s teeth were already in!

  6. Trevor @ Tootlee  

    Thanks for the run down on the topic. We used the homeopathic teething medicine with at least two of our kids and I think with all three.

    Based on your description if the issue it doesn’t sound like much of an issue. If the material being released about the recall doesn’t even say why it’s being recalled, I have to wonder what the real story is.

  7. Earth Mama

    I don’t use a prepared teething remedy for my babies because using a homeopathic remedy individually is much more effective. The most common teething ‘remedy picture’ is a red cheek, general distress and green stools – this indicates the need for the remedy Chamomilla (made from the chamomile plant).

    I would never stop using the remedy Belladonna. It is the first remedy to use for high, hot fevers. It is absolutely NOT toxic in homeopathic form and is IMPOSSIBLE to overdose.

    Also, Homeopathy does in fact work with more than the body’s meridians. Homeopathy works by cueing the immune system to fight specific symptoms. When homeopathy proves unsuccessful it is because the wrong remedy has been used not because it works for some people and not others:-)

    Also, it is impossible to conduct conclusive and honest surveys on the efficacy of homeopathy because each individual person may require different remedies for what appears to be the same ailment.

    What a great topic though to get us all thinking about homeopathy!!

  8. Susan  

    What a great article! While I had known that belladonna is in the teething tablets, I had read the Hyland’s article about that, and wasn’t concerned. I’m still not!

    I have a teething 6 month old and have been giving him the tablets (as I gave them to my 3 year old the entire time he was teething as well), as well as using an amber necklace. I think they are fantastic.

    Since the recall I have heard many parents criticizing users of the tablets, and when I ask them what they use for their children, some of the answers are horrifying! I’ve heard a range from Tylenol/Motrin (not horrifying, but I only like to use pain-killers of that sort when absolutely necessary) to WHISKEY! I’ll stick with Hyland’s, tyvm.

  9. Melissa  

    Thanks for the great explanation!
    I’m not terribly worried about the recall, and the situation has not caused me to stop using the tablets, but I still use other remedies first, as I always have.

    The most effective one for us when the teething gets really bad is a bit of clove oil. I mix a few drops with a bit of organic olive oil and rub it on my daughter’s gums. It is a natural numbing agent that I definitely prefer to something like orajel!

  10. Pam

    I’m surprised that this is such a problem. I’m sure that the numbing gel is not good for our babies, but you don’t see that being recalled. And then, there’s tylenol, motrin, do people really think that these things are better for their babies? I’m more concerned that these other products are deemed acceptable for consumption.

  11. Jessica Lang @ Cloth Diapering Mama  

    I agree with Earth Mama, single remedies are actually more effective. I am somewhat trained in homeopathy as a holistic health practitioner and I know it can be confusing, but if you just do a tiny bit of research online or in a basic book you can avoid multi-ingredient remedies all together…although belladonna is an amazing remedy for so many things (including fevers and difficult menstruation-dismenorhea). I just the other day wrote an article on my blog about single remedies for teething. Check it out if you want more info.

    great write up!

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  13. Lori Arkin-Diem

    Back in November, I paid $7 to ship back 3 bottles of teething tablets. I asked for a refund.

    Two months later, I received 1 coupon in the mail. I called them to ask what happened and the person I spoke to said this was a mistake. I would receive a check in the mail soon.

    It is now March. I left 4 messages in various places and cannot get anyone to return my calls.

    I am now out the cost of shipping as well as the 3 bottles. My child is still teething. I was planning on buying more bottles once the problem was solved.

    With this lack of response and customer service, I will not be giving this company any money.

  14. Amy Rozen

    From what I read on the Hyland’s website, the potency of the Belladonna was a 3x, not 30c. I still think they are safe and effective, but I just wanted to make a note of this.