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10 Responses to The Long Story of a Short Tongue: Part Two

  1. Deanna

    I too have faced similiar problems with my 6 week-old son. Honestly it’s been a feeding nightmare and it’s just exasperating to the core. His posterior tongue-tie was clipped last Wednesday and his latch/sucking is still poor. We have an appointment on Monday for Cranial Sacral Therapy and will try to meet with a La Leche leader (weather permitting). It’s a tough road.

    • Laura

      Good luck with the therapy and please let us know how it goes. I remember needing to supplement in those first few days after his clipping because he would tire out. Breastfeeding was new to him and harder work than the bottle. Keep up the hard work and good luck!

  2. Jasmine

    there are no words to describe how happy i am that there are mother’s like you that will literally do all that they can to be able to nurse their babies. so often i encounter moms that think nursing is weird & can’t believe that i “do that” with my baby. stories of “oh he didn’t like it” and “well it hurt” make me think that if it was a priority to them, all problems could have been overcome. to each her own, and it’s a mother’s right to decide how she wants to feed her child, but it’s so amazing that you were able to overcome this struggle. a real role model for mamas everywhere!

    • Laura

      Thank you for your kind words. It was hard, hard work and I wouldn’t blame a mother for choosing not to EP. I felt I had to have his tie clipped for health reasons: to make it easier for him to eat, drink and talk when he was older. As I type this, we are closing in on our o ne year tounge tie clipping anniversary!

  3. Stephanie B. Cornais  

    Thanks for sharing your story. There is still so little information out there on type 4 tongue tie, for both mothers and professionals (including IBCLC’s!)

    • Laura

      I fully credit our very gifted LC for figuring out the problem and for a forum-friend for helping me out and troubleshooting via the internet. Please share his story with other professionals so we can get the word out about these atypical tongue ties!

  4. Anna

    Thank you very much for this article. My 2.5 month daughter has the same short tongue issue. So many similarities. Appears to feed well, gassy etc. I now have something to show my husband who cant quite understand it. No one has spoken to me about the possibility of surgery though, so we have been significantly supplementing with formula and EBM. I live in Australia and wonder if perhaps we are not as familiar with this condition. Anyway, thanks again. Anna

    • Laura

      Hi Anna! I am sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having nursing your baby. The type four ties are often over looked and under diagnoses, so many people have problems finding someone to help them. We ended up seeing an ENT but many other people have had luck with a dentist! Good luck!

  5. Jamelah

    I too am in the Midwest my sweet baby girl is 14 weeks old tomorrow – we have been struggling since birth and only suggestion I get is to supplement with formula which we had to do so she could gain weight it took 5 weeks for her to reach birth weight – I have insisted to our pediatrician that she struggles with a bottle as well.. Please could we get the name of the dr who did the evaluation and surgery for posterior tongue tie I’m positive my little one has this.. All the symptoms are there – fussy, arching wash at nursing time , chomping instead of sucking, my nipples feel as though they are being sawed off by a razor!! Long nursing sessions and a baby who tires easily when nursing. Low milk supply for me I must pump constantly, she has never been able to suck on a pacifier and the list goes on and on. I enjoy the closeness but am fast loosing my resolve to breast feed as my social life and hers are so affected. I would appreciate any help you may be able to offer!! Thank you!!

  6. Laura

    An ENT, dentist or LC should be able to help you find one in the area. LLL might have a list too. Good luck!