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3 Responses to The Overloaded Calendar

  1. Christy  

    In December of last year I had an epiphany about our family schedule (mom working half time, dad working out of the home, 3 daughters all in activities, school, etc). After taking time out from some things (and outright quitting some), I found myself in an over scheduled situation again in early spring with increasing work commitments, 4 family birthdays, preparing for a vacation, etc. I like your idea of scheduling a regular family schedule check-up. Needs constantly change in a family and it is important to reassess how it is working for everyone.

    I agree with your, too about fighting to need for approval from others socially. I am an introvert by nature and require less social interaction that other people, but I too find that others don’t understand. I think there is too much pressure for everyone to be the same, like being extroverted and a leader in all situations is the gold standard, and it is not.

  2. Laura  

    I’m preparing myself for the Fall and sports/school commitments… the temptation to fill my calendar will be here before I know it!

  3. Amy  

    Right on, Laura. I have been gradually working to not create or take on extra commitments, as well as just say no. It is very freeing to create simple space in our lives. 🙂