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5 Responses to They Judge My Children Because of Me

  1. Bianca  

    I feel like this is a post that all parents, even grandparents, should read. Gentle, natural, conventional.. We are all judged.

  2. Mama Mo

    Thank you for this thoughtful post. I’ve been wondering (sort of angrily, actually) lately why some people in my life get so bent out of shape when they find out that my husband and I don’t punish our children. The boys’ behavior is perfectly age-appropriate, and I love the relationship we have. I will definitely check out the links you provided on dealing with criticism!

  3. Amy W.  

    This is a great article, Ducle! It’s so hard to be judged – I think it’s worse when you’re judged silently (or maybe that’s just my anxiety history talking). It’s so important to respond with grace in every situation, as consistently as we can! It makes me feel good when I can walk away from an interaction and say “I handled that gracefully” – compassion has definitely been key for me. Oh, and calming techniques (for myself and the kiddos!)

    I love the idea of waiting on certain interactions or places until the whole family can be set up for success!

  4. Hahn Jackson  

    i think everyone is judged at some point in their life. it is too easy to see evil in the world and too hard to see good and too hard to make good.

  5. Noel

    Just for the sake of a different perspective: I worked at a daycare for a few years and it was always extremely difficult not to treat children differently because of their parents opinions, parenting styles, choices, etc. I worked with infants specifically and love the idea of kangaroo care, but there were several teachers who would purposefully let babies “cry it out” if they felt parents were “coddling” them at home. Teachers would choose favorites and least favorites sometimes based on how pushy or opinionated parents were. I think the best option for children who go to daycare (even part-time) is to find a daycare with values VERY close to your own and then allow teacher to do their job. If you hover or express opposing opinions about child care, you’re child is more likely to be looked at negatively based on your behavior. Laid back parents who appreciate child care workers have the best experiences.