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3 Responses to This Land is Our Land

  1. Lauren  

    What a lovely article! I’ve been thinking along the same lines. Just yesterday, I was feeling glad to have my boys outside for an extended time with nothing in particular to do.

  2. Gaby@Tmuffin  

    Kids love to be outside. Who doesn’t, as a matter of fact? When my sister’s child was about 2, he came to visit us. We live in the suburbs and have a backyard. My sister lives in NYC. Her boy would crawl around only on his hands and knees–he wouldn’t even let his legs and feet drag in the grass. He kept his toes pointed up toward the sky while he crawled because he didn’t like the feeling of the grass! It’s great to get them outside as early as possible.

  3. Ruth

    You are doing a wonderful job helping your son connect to the environment, letting him explore in a natural way. You’re an incredible educator, environmentalist, and Mommy; thanks for sharing!!!