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2 Responses to Toddler Discipline and Balancing Needs

  1. Emily

    Okay, gentle parenting gurus, I have a question: What do you do with a high-spirited toddler at the moment she begins spinning out of control – at that tipping point just before a tantrum? My little one turns into a little tasmanian devil every time we enter that transition moment of leaving : leaving home in the morning, leaving daycare in the evening, leaving the bookstore, the dolly store, restaurants, anywhere. Leaving public places is especially dramatic. She gets a gasp of energy and starts running from one thing to the next in something of a panic, taking off her coat, shoes, etc, if I’ve managed to even get them on yet. I’ve read all of the transition tips, I’ve read all of the comments about how my toddler has learned all my cues and knows that these public displays will rock my calm, etc, etc. Some things work some of time, BUT, at some point, you do have to actually get through the transition and get out the door. What I want to learn to do is to get through that first burst of energy before we turn into a tantrum with my beautiful child kicking, screaming, smacking, and making it really difficult to hold on to her wiggling baby brother while we make our way to a quiet corner, or eventually, out the door. And now that the other one can walk, we don’t want to pass on any of these manners…