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2 Responses to Toddler Mealtime Schedules?

  1. Trevor @ Tootlee  

    This is great advice! I totally agree that at 18 months there is not need to force a schedule or get worried about the child’s eating habits.

    However it is great for a mom or dad to seek answers when they are concerned.

    It can be so easy for us as parents to take our agendas and perspective’s and place them on the child. We need to be willing to rethink our parenting approach and be sure we are really considering the needs of the child not just our needs and the pressures of society.

  2. Shannon

    At 18 months, we free fed our daughter throughout the day, and encouraged her to sit with us at meal times. It didn’t matter how long she sat, or how much she ate, and we gave her very small portions.
    By the age of two, she had self regulated to the point where she would start getting really hungry right before each of the standard meal times. I now discourage snacking for about 30 minutes before dinner or lunch. Except when she is helping me cook (trying each of the ingredients as I cut).
    I think the experts have it right, when they eat is less of a concern then we as parents tend to think it is.