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5 Responses to Toddlers: Exploring The World Through Art

  1. Joy

    We avoid food dyes–does anyone have suggestions for alternatives for the pudding painting?

    • Momma Jorje

      I get nervous about them staining her hands terribly (not sure why, it doesn’t bother me for Easter). How about using flavored puddings? There are at least a few colors you could do that way. Or you could add a little beet juice for red… probably do a google search for “natural food dye.”

  2. Acacia Moore

    I should have included something on natural food coloring. You could try creating your own food dyes like adding turmeric (for yellow) or beet juice (for purple) to the pudding but there are also several brands that you can purchase online. India Tree Naturals is well known and popular, but it’s pricey. Chefmaster (bkcompany.com) and Chocolate Craft Colors (chocolatecraftkits.com) also offer natural food coloring.

  3. Claire  

    One of the ways that we like to “paint” without a lot of mess is taking coffee filters and letting her color on them with markers, then she gets to paint with water and the markers spread around.