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6 Responses to Unschooling: What Happens After “Graduation”?

  1. Momma Jorje

    I don’t feel that traditional steps to adulthood are necessary, but I also want them to be available to my daughter. I know Oklahoma has some very specific requirements these days before you can get a license. My 20yo is just now learning / practicing for her test.

    Thank you ALL for your encouraging answers!

  2. Lauren  

    These are great perspectives as we look toward unschooling our little one(s)! Thanks for the question and the answers.

  3. Stacy (Mama-Om)  

    I recently read the transcript of a Ted Talk on this very topic!

    “The Unschooling Mindset”

    One of the teens/young adults featured is the son of a friend of ours — I know them through our local unschooling group. 🙂

    I thought the talk did an excellent job illustrating what life-long, self-directed learning can and does look like.

    BTW, I am not affiliated with this talk in any way — just thought it might be interesting for you.

    unschooling mama to two boys, ages 7 and 4 😉

  4. Momma Jorje

    @Stacy – thank you for the link! Great article!

  5. Tabetha Smelser  

    This is just an amazingly interesting article to me. As someone who wants to unschool their kids, it was very neat to see how you might create a ‘transcript’ for your child if that is necessary by putting the things they learned into more mainstream categories.

  6. Tamra Borba

    My kids are looking for jobs, most jobs are asking for high school diplomas, my daughter is 17 they want her to have a work permit.
    How do we deal with this.
    Please we need help, both my kids are smart and are wanting to work but they are running into trouble with no diplomas
    I need an answer asap.