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6 Responses to Ways to Discipline a Child, Part 1

  1. Amy  

    Sometimes teaching is being a very clear example of condition free love… More to come in part 2 🙂

  2. Pat Robinson

    One could parent by consent also, by partnering with, rather than parenting over.

    Conflicting needs can be negotiated to find solutions which are mutually agreeable.


  3. Amy  

    I completely agree, Pat, and highlight this truth in Part 2. Part 1 focuses on heavy approaches to parenting so we can clearly see where we may initially operate from. With awareness parents can cross the bridge to true teaching with wisdom – living the example we want to set… which is consensual living and loving guidance as necessary.

  4. Heather

    How do you respond to a parent who admits to being hesitant to provide correction for socially inappropriate behavior because she doesn’t want to damage her child’s self-esteem?

  5. Amy  

    Hello, Heather, thank you for asking.

    In responding to her you may listen for the feelings and needs she experiences when this type of behavior arises. From there it is possible you can help her determine new ways to respond to behavior that will help her act in line with her values as a parent.

    It sounds like the mom would like to address the behavior, but doesn’t want to do it in a punitive manner. There are other ways to address behavior, she may just need to learn how. For some parents this involves learning how to work through their own frustration, anger, and doubt before they approach their children.

    Please also read part 2 (http://naturalparentsnetwork.com/ways-to-discipline-a-child-part-2/) as there are specific suggestions a parent can use that don’t involve punishment. 🙂

  6. Heather

    I think you’re right about her not wanting to be punitive/shaming – it seems hard for her to find a balance between setting limits and keeping the child’s self-esteem intact. I have tried making suggestions in the past and not gotten much response – I guess it’s something she needs to figure out for herself. Thanks for your input.