What Are Breasts For?

Written by NPN Guest on April 7th, 2011

Breastfeeding, Feeding With Love

Breasts in papers line the shops,
Breasts on billboards, skimpy tops,
Breasts on beaches out on show,
What are breasts for? do you know?
I think that some perhaps forgot,
(The formula companies helped a lot)
Monkeys, cats and even camels,
Are all like us and we’re called Mammals.

Mammal means that milk we make,
On instant tap for babe to take,
So why then now in modern age,
Is bottle feeding all the rage?

Did women’s breasts break over time?
Did breastmilk become less sublime?
Did something better come along?
Maybe nature got it wrong!

Alas the answer’s sadly not,
Nothings changed, not a jot,
At least in terms of women’s breasts,
And doing what they do the best.

The other a poor substitute,
Which evidence does not refute,
Increasing risk of death, disease,
Cancers, cot death, being obese.

For this the parents have to pay,
A pound or two, but every day!
It then needs making, every feed,
At 3am not what you need!

With babies dying every day,
I really think its time we say,
Give women the support they need,
To feed their babies AND succeed!

Photo Credit: Carin


Poem written by (and published with the permission of) The Analytical Armadillo – supporting parents since 2004.

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