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2 Responses to It’s Okay Not to Share

  1. Scarlett Knight  

    I totally agree with you. I don’t understand why society switched to this forced sharing deal. Just because another kid wants to play with a toy doesn’t mean their entitled to instant gratification. Same goes for your kid, I’m all about telling them to wait their turn instead.

    Good job, great read.

  2. Katya Huber

    Thank you for this. I agree with these points.
    For the past eight years I have been running a private daycare and there are always
    conflicts that come up around sharing. these conflicts often make parents feel very nervous because they feel that the way their child acts or reacts is a reflection of them but tend to forget that these traits and values that we aspire children to grow into cannot be forced upon them and that authenticity, expression and empathy are pathways that will help them develop the capacity to develop other values and traits.
    I have often seen parents at the park also regulating their child’s play by asking them to share when they are not ready to and what is unfortunate us that the child can easily feel a sense of shame when the parent stresses that they need to be sharing when they aren’t.