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11 Responses to What to Expect When You’re Expecting … for Natural Parents

  1. Emily

    While I was somehow eventually able to glean most of what you wrote in this post from various resources, it should would have been nice to have it all in one place at the time I was pregnant!

    Great ideas!

  2. Jennifer at Organic Baby University  

    I love this list!! So great for natural moms who are trying to figure out where to get started! I would love for pregnant women to know about our site as well for #21 reducing exposure to chemicals. We are the only site on the web dedicated to teaching pregnant women and new moms about the dangers of chemicals in everyday products and how to avoid them with fun, animated videos. I would love for you to check us out! We are totally comprehensive so you don’t have to visit a zillion sites to get the info. Thanks again for the blog! Will be sharing!

  3. Tabetha Smelser  

    Just beautiful information!!! We’re currently trying to get pregnant and I want to dive into this already!! 😀

  4. Hannah Gardner  

    My hubby and I have been doin #8 like crazy! Both of us are from families who pretty much circ, no questions asked, but I think we have decided to leave our son intact, if we have a boy.

  5. Erin Naumowicz at GreenKidsGuide.com  

    Oh how I wish I had found this list before getting sucked into so many other “what-to-expect” lists, registries, etc. when my kids were born. We definitely felt like pioneers finding our natural way in a sea of conventional naysayers. I will definitely share this with other new and expecting parents so they can benefit from it from the get-go!

  6. Ella

    Good article, but I’m disappointed that all the midwives are so busy in my area that even though I contacted them at 6 weeks pregnant, there are none available. It kind of sucks that this means I’m forced into going to a hospital!

  7. Shannon Brazee

    Thanks for this list! I feel pretty excited for having come up with most of these (and having already done them) on my own, but it’s good for me to see that there’s still more I can do. Only about a month left and time to get back to work!

  8. Susan

    I would add this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgkZf6jVdVg (learn the secret language of babies). Babies are born knowing how to communicate and everything that we can do to understand them is going to help a new parent to understand and meet their needs better. 🙂

    I’d also add something about elimination communication to this list. Even if you don’t end up going ‘diaper free’ there are a lot of communication tips in the ec literature.