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8 Responses to Why Buy Handmade

  1. Heidi  

    I bought only USA made clothing for over a year after my husband told me my $5 beaded forever 21 necklace was probably made by a starving 5 yr old. It’s such a sad, sad shame that millions of workers are being taken advantage of and forced to endure miserable conditions. Since my solo strike I have started to buy from other countries, but I always by local or homemade when possible. I hope many see this and become enlightened. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Janine  

    Great post, although I think you could have found a better example for handmade, something more affordable. It definitely doesn’t have to be a Mattel doll for $20 or handmade for over $100 – There are cheaper handmade options for those who are in-between when it comes to finances. But overall you make great points. If you can’t buy handmade, I suggest thrift shopping and/or making your own gifts!

  3. Kelly  

    Paige you have such a way with making things like this – the things you don’t want to think about – hit home. I just have to say thank you…I have a lot to think on now…

  4. Paige @ Baby Dust Diaries  

    Thanks Kelly!

    And the previous commenter (I’m on my phone and can’t see your name, sorry!). You are so right. I wanted a high-contrast item so I chose a mid-priced Waldorf. However, there are tons if ways to make conscious buying decisions at any price point.

  5. Shannon @ GrowingSlower  

    This is such a wonderful story of how we choose to use our resources. I could buy my baby 10 cheap but expensive toys from a big box store or support artisans with a much lower social cost to us all. It’s definitely worth the effort to be intentional about our purchases this time of year especially. The other commenters have a great point about the fact that there are more affordable handmade items available, but as you alluded to the “wage” for handmade artisans in this country is astoundingly low when you consider the Waldorf doll lady made $14/hour INCLUDING her high priced well-sourced materials!

  6. Nichole Patrick  

    I love making my own items and would love to buy more from local and online hand made product sellers. Unfortunately, the hand made items, like the doll listed above, is over priced and is not affordable to the middle or lower class shoppers.

  7. Kristen

    We’ve given handmade for the past couple of years. The $$ cost may be higher but it is an investment in your child’s play. These handmade toys have more play time invested in them then anything else given to our children. They have also proven to be more durable. And they are always beautiful 🙂

  8. Mike Taylor

    What a fantastic explanation of the differences between factory made and good old fashioned hand-made products. I’m going to be linking to this to help educate my potential clients, as it just makes sense.

    Thank you so much.