Winner & Coupon: Who They Really Are: Book on Spiritual Parenting

A big congratulations to the winner of the Who They Really Are: Book on Spiritual Parenting sponsored by Christina Fletcher — #39!

Amy M.

Amy M. says:

“When I am nursing my daughter I feel a connection like no other I have ever felt. I feel like we are one together like my body and soul were meant just for that moment when she looks into my eyes and we know we are connected on a very deep spiritual level.”

The winner was chosen through  Thank you to our reviewer, Laura of Walden Mommy.

Who They Really Are: A Guide to Being a Spiritually Aware Parent, by Christina Fletcher, is not so much about religion as it is about being in tune with your child. She defines their spirit or soul as Who They Really Are. She writes that children are born with a pure energy and Contrast (pain, unhappiness) is introduced into their lives with birth. It is our job as parents to bring them back to the Center and help re-establish the pure, positive energy into their lives.

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Christina offers meditations and exercises for each phase of pregnancy to help bond with the baby and achieve a positive birth outcome. She suggests to think positively as your baby can pick up on your moods and experiences even in utero. Simple exercises are suggested, such as planting a garden or making an “inspiration board” for yourself.

She offers simple troubleshooting ideas for Contrast events in your baby’s life. From babies who hate car seats to sleeping to separation anxiety, she offers simple, natural, from-the-heart solutions for each Contrast. This book could easily be considered an introduction to natural or instinctual parenting because the focus is on using your instincts to help your baby.

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