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Written by NPN Reviewers on September 29th, 2011

Edited by Shannon R. at The Artful Mama.

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A big congratulations to the winners from our joint giveaways with Melissa of The New Mommy Files: Memories, Milestones and Missteps from The Freedom of Cloth Carnival.  The New Mommy Files co-hosted three giveaways with us: Linah Sora Pocket Diaper, EcaPants from EcaWare Baby and a Wool Prefold Belt from EC Wear.  The entries from both sites were combined for each giveaway and a winner was chosen using  And without further delay the winners are…

Linah Sora OS Pocket Diaper

From our reviewer: With one row of snaps, the diaper was easy to put on and I knew the minky would be soft against my babe’s skin. It fit easily under pants, but it is cute enough to sport with just a shirt and a pair of leggings, too. During the day I used the diaper with only the microfiber towel as an insert and that worked just fine, especially since we practice EC so do our best to change diapers as soon as they become wet. For nighttime, I added a hemp insert along with the microfiber towel for added absorbency. I loved how easy it is to access the pocket and adjust the diaper’s absorbency to suit our needs. This made it trim during the day and absorbent at night.

Winner Diddlepoyner – comment #104


Diddlepoyner said: “I like the Crunchy Baby Pocket Diaper.”

Diddlepoyner entered at The New Mommy Files.


You can buy Linah Sora diapers through her store on Hyena Cart, or you can see what she has up for auction in the Cuties With Cloth BootiesEnvy, or soon the Diaperpalooza Congo.

EcaPants from EcaWare Baby

From our reviewer: EcaPants are a unique, patent pending solution for families practicing Elimination Communication (EC), or for anyone who needs an easy to change diapering solution. These trainers come in waterproof and non-waterproof varieties and are designed to hold one pee for a short period of time. My husband and I have practiced EC with our daughter since she came home from the hospital, and EcaPants have made that so much easier!

Winner Diddlepoyner. – Comment #67

Diddlepoyner said: “Created by a mom!!  Awesome people.”

Diddlepoyner entered at The New Mommy Files.


You can purchase EcaPants from the company’s online store, as well as from several different online retailers. The full list of retailers is available on EcaWare Baby’s website.

Wool Prefold Belt from EC Wear

From our reviewer: EC Wear is a work at home mom-run business that sells clothes, trainers, and other accessories for easy elimination communication, as well as traditional cloth diapers for back up. All of the products sold by EC Wear are sweatshop free, and many are mama-made, so I always feel good about the items I purchase. One of the most practical and economical items sold at EC Wear is the wool prefold belt.  The prefold belt is a product made exclusively for EC Wear using quality wool scraps left over from the manufacture of Little Beetle wool diaper covers. This soft, elastic band goes around your baby’s waist and holds prefold or flat diapers in place with no need for a cover, pins, or a snappi. Inside the soft wool outer is a length of buttonhole elastic, which makes the belt fully adjustable, so it can grow with your child.

Winner Julia – Comment #11

Julia said: “I did part-time EC when my daughter was 6 months to 1 year. Then I got lazy and now I’m kicking myself for quitting! I was in the middle of a move and wanted to take one thing off my plate but it was definitely a mistake to stop! She was doing so well and I really enjoyed helping her in that way during that time.”

Julia entered at The New Mommy Files.


You can buy your own wool prefold belt from EC Wear’s online shop, along with a variety of other specialty EC products, cloth diapers and diapering accessories, and sweatshop free clothing selected with easy EC in mind.

EC Wear has offered a coupon code to our readers for free shipping to US and Canadian mailing addresses until the end of August.  Use the code FSnewmommyfiles at checkout.

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