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Written by NPN Reviewers on August 13th, 2011

Edited by Shannon at The Artful Mama.

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A big congratulations to the winners of our joint giveaways with The Artful Mama, from The Freedom of Cloth Carnival.  The Artful Mama co-sponsored three giveaways with us: MomsCrafts4U set of 3 Cloth Pads, Reusable Diaper Liners and a Two-Hip Peas in a Pod Pocket Diaper.  The entries from both sites were combined for each giveaway and a winner was chosen using  And without further ado the winners are…

MomsCrafts4U Set of Three 8″ Mama Pads

Set of Three 8" Cloth Mama Pads

MomsCrafts4U Winner!

From our reviewer:  The pads from MomsCrafts4U are great!  They are as breathable as your regular underwear and are absorbent enough to pull moisture in and away from your body.  The upper is made from cotton fabric and has an absorbent core and fleece backing to prevent leaks.  The pads come with wings that are secured by snaps.

Winner Cami – comment #38

Cami said: “I like the blue velour mama cloth.”

Cami entered at The Artful Mama.

Readers can use the coupon code ‘TRYINGCLOTH’ for 10% off purchases in MomsCrafts4U etsy shop.  Coupon valid until August 31, 2011.


Set of 8 Reusable Cloth Diaper Liners

Made by The Artful Mama

Winner Reusable Cloth Liners!

These liners are up-cycled from baby blankets and are made by The Artful Mama in her very spare time.  To learn how you can make your own cloth liners using materials you have in your home, visit our Tutorial: Cloth Diaper Liners at Natural Parents Network.

Winner Debbie M. – comment #7

Debbie M. said: “I learned that while there are hard times, you can work and practice AP.  It requires planning, great caregivers, and you need someone or somewhere to share your feelings.”

Debbie M. entered at The Artful Mama


Two Hip Peas in a Pod Pocket Diaper

Custom Pocket Diaper

Two Hip Peas Winner!

From our reviewer: Each of their diapers are handmade by one of the two sisters.  The outer layer of the diaper is made with adorable prints and patterned PUL fabric that is waterproof yet still soft to the touch.  The inner layer is the best part!  Super soft minky fabric in a coordinating color.  Their diapers are one-size adjustable pocket diapers with snap closures.  The insert opening is in the back of the diaper and has covered elastic to contain the insert while in use but the opening is wide enough that you can shake the insert out before washing.

Winner Mehera- comment #21

Mehera said: “I like the chocolate chip diaper!! So cute.”

Mehera entered at The Artful Mama

Readers can use the coupon code ‘natural’ for 15% off purchases in Two Hip Peas in a Pod’s shop.  Coupon valid until August 31, 2011.



You can purchase your own cloth mama pads at MomsCrafts4U’s Etsy store, she sells mama cloth, wetbags, nursing pads, keychains and fleece socks.
You can purchase your own Two Hip Peas in a Pod Pocket Diapers at their Hyena Cart store.

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