Wordless Wednesday: AP with Older Kids

This week we asked: How do you continue to practice attachment parenting with children who are past the baby stage?

Saundra and Anya earth dance 09
From Saundra: “Anya (age 10) and I at a three-day outdoor music festival. Leave her at home with a sitter?
Oh, NO!!! We dance together!”

Willow with my daughter
From Shannon: “This is my friend Willow with my daughter. I used to help Willow’s mother every summer when Willow was little. Her mother is one of the ones who taught me how to parent in an attached way. It has been a joy and an honor to know her kids as they grow into loving and family-connected adults.”

Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes.

first lost tooth
AP with older kids means celebrating the first lost tooth, even as it pains you to watch them grow up!

Tannah’s mom, Shae, blogs at Yay for Home! She also wrote one of this week’s fabulous theme posts, “Attachment Parenting With Older Children,” which gives thoughtful encouragement and suggestions for continuing the connection as your children grow.

Will, Terry, Deb, and Christina in Central Park
From Deb: “My husband and I practiced AP with our older children through homeschooling, always being there for them, and spending lots of happy family time throughout their lives. This is a photo of Will (18), Terry, me, and Christina (13) in Central Park during a homeschool/family trip to New York City that we took in combination with Will’s Professional Skaters Association conference in Connecticut in May 2003.”

Deb blogs at LivingMontessoriNow.com, where you can read more about Deb’s homeschooling experiences with her now-adult children.

family bed
From Jessica: “This is what our bed looks like most nights. Definitely a family bed!”
Taryn (6 years old), Peyton (3 years old), Daisy (about 4 months)

Jessica blogs at Magical Madness.

kimmy and baby doll in Baby Bjorn carrier
AP is passing attachment values on to the younger generation. Christy’s daughter Kimmy, age 2.5, wears her Pablo doll in the Baby Bjorn carrier.

Christy blogs at 3 Moms and a Kitchen and her personal blog, Adventures in Mommyhood.

2010-11-23 03
From Dionna: “As Kieran rolls into his preschool years, we are finding that attachment parenting fits our needs more than ever. Gentle, respectful parenting has established an incredible foundation of love and trust, one that we want to continue throughout Kieran’s childhood. (And our preschooler isn’t too big for continued breastfeeding, babywearing, or cosleeping, either!)”

Dionna blogs at Code Name: Mama.

Emma and Mama cuddles
Emma gets some much-needed Mama cuddles — big kids need physical contact, too!
(photo credit: Mona @ kirida dot com)

playing games with Daddy
Daddy takes time to get down on the floor and play games with Emma.

Kristin blogs at Intrepid Murmurings.

mom and me
From Mama Mo: “I’m the ‘older child’ in this picture. My mom attachment parented all three of us before there was a name for it. Attachment parenting never truly ends! My mom has influenced so many parents (current and future) through her example and advocacy. This is a picture of us together during my pregnancy with twins, who are now being naturally parented with lots of help from Nana!”

Mama Mo blogs at Attached at the Nip.

Tell us: What does AP look like for your family, once your kids are beyond the Baby Bs?

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