Wordless Wednesday: Birth Interventions

Written by NPN_Admin on March 9th, 2011

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This week we asked: What do birth interventions look like?

Last week’s theme was Natural Birth, but we know not every parent chooses to or gets to have a natural birth. Here our readers share their birth pictures and stories that involved interventions — some planned and some not — with a range of how they felt about the interventions but one overall theme: joy at meeting their new baby.

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kgbbirth c-section
From Jaime Lynn: “Not the way I wanted the birth to turn out (c-section) but I am happy I have a healthy baby today. Next time I’ll have my natural birth!”

9lb. 8oz. baby Joshua
Abbie gave birth to 9lb. 8oz. baby Joshua after 41 hours of labor. Laboring at home with her husband, mom and mother-in-law for support, Abbie tried just about every natural coping strategy she had practiced, learned or read about. After going to the hospital, Abbie made the educated decision to get an epidural. When it was finally time for Joshua to be born, her supportive OB cheered, “You have an amazingly wide pelvis!” Abbie responded, “I get it from my mom!” Laughter erupted, and Joshua was born into a room full of love.
Abbie blogs at Farmer’s Daughter.

foot breech c-section
From Jennifer: “Stuck in a foot breach position with no interest in turning, my sweet stubborn angel was pulled feet first out of my belly after 287 days in her cozy, watery cocoon.”
Jennifer blogs at Hybrid Rasta Mama.

Not Unassisted Birth
From Luschka: “I once told my husband that I wished we could time the birth so that the midwife knocks on the door as I raise my baby out the water. I wanted an unassisted birth, but wanted someone there to check over the baby immediately. So, we had a midwife, and APGAR scores, and weighing and measuring. To some this may seem to be high intervention. To most people, it’s pretty caveman. As beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, so too does a birth in the heart of the mother.”
Luschka blogs at Diary of a First Child.

birth-dry off
From Lauren: “After 39 hours of seemingly unproductive labor at home, we reluctantly transferred to the hospital with a plan for pitocin and an epidural — moving from serenity and quiet into noise, bright lights, and gloved hands that wouldn’t leave me alone. After waiting for the anesthesiologist, one blessed intervention from the certified nurse midwife — pushing aside some stubborn tissue — brought me from 5 cm to 10 cm in an instant. We waved aside the epidural, and I pushed out my 11 pound, 13 ounce, baby, only 3 hours after our arrival there. It still counts as a ‘natural’ birth in that it was an unmedicated vaginal birth, and I was definitely on a euphoric high afterward, but that hectic, rough, chaotic scene was not at all the gentle birth I’d wanted to give my son.”
Lauren blogs at Hobo Mama.

Family meeting after c-section
From Jennifer: “Our first time meeting L1, after PROM, failed induction, and c-section. It may not have been how we wanted it, but we were so happy to finally have our baby!”
Jennifer blogs at True Confessions of a Real Mommy.

Dad (Chris) doing skin-to-skin with newborn Johnny
From Kari: “Dad (Chris) doing skin-to-skin with newborn Johnny while I recover from the emergency C-section. We started with a home birth and wound up here, but isn’t it still so beautiful!”
Kari blogs at Kunst der Kuh.

My daughter, after an emergency C-Section
From Laura: “My daughter, after an emergency C-Section. I was induced a week early due to high blood pressure. After very little progress over 15 hours on a pitocin drip, she was delivered healthy, if a little dented from pressing against my pelvis. I opted for an epidural, as well, because the pain was excruciating. It was definitely not the birth I had been hoping and planning for, but I do feel the interventions saved both our lives.”

after induced birth
From Tree: “We were induced and although it was kind of awful, this was the result. I was a mommy and my girl was perfect.”
Read more from Tree at Mom Grooves.

natural birth with epidural
From Jessica: “For my first child, my water broke at home. Contractions did start, but they were not strong enough for my ‘team’ of nurses and docs, so Pitocin was administered. I made it all the way to 10 cm, fully dilated, and then panicked and caved for the epidural, with lots of ‘encouragement’ to do so from the nursing staff. I only had the epi for 15 minutes before my son was born and I wish I hung in there like I did for my second son. Both births were beautiful in their own way and will always be looked upon as natural! My body did that!? Cool!”
Jessica blogs at Cloth Diapering Mama.

Tell us: What did your birth experience look like?

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