Wordless Wednesday: Bonding with Children

This week we asked: What does bonding with children look like?

(Read more about bonding with children in this week’s articles on the theme.)

Alicia says, “My oldest is very popular with the little ones in the family! I love this photo – a teenager getting lots of hugs.”

Jenn blogs at McCrenshaw’s Newest Thoughts.

Jahnava says, “Since Nitai was too sick to be held the first few days of his life, I felt that wearing him helped create what is now a very special bond.” 

From Charise at I Thought I Knew Mama: “Baby and I are constantly bonding through big hugs. He also likes to purr like a cat as he holds our faces together. I don’t think I could possibly love any hug more!”

From Shannon: Moira spent a lot of time bonding with Daddy in her first few months, usually while he was playing video games.

Shannon blogs at Pineapples & Artichokes.

Sara says, “My husband, Chuck and youngest, Julia out for a walk after the first snow of the season.”

Sara blogs at This Mom Loves.

From Jamie & Harper: Cudding time.

Dionna from Code Name: Mama and her family have been trying to spend more quality time together, so they’ve been spending a lot of winter nights playing card games.

Tell us: What does bonding with children look like in your family?

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8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Bonding with Children

  1. Melissa

    This might be my favorite theme. Such sweet photos.

  2. Amy @ Anktangle  

    Aww, these photos are so sweet! They make me want to have a snuggly indoor day today. =)

  3. Alicia C.  

    Beautiful photos! Now I have the warm fuzzies and need to go hug my little guy…

  4. Darcel @ The Mahogany Way  

    Cute photos. I especially love the babywearing one 🙂

  5. Lauren  

    These are so sweet! The teenager one made me go “aw,” and I so love daddy pics as well. 🙂

  6. Momma Jorje

    Aww, so many sweet pics! My LO is also quite enamored of her teen sister.

    Jahnava’s photo is that peaceful sweetness… so wonderful!

    Charise, I’ve read about those purring hugs and this image seems to fit your description perfectly!

    So THAT’S how you get them to bond, Shannon?! Thanks!

    Great theme, wonderful photos!

  7. Gaby@Tmuffin  

    These brought tears to my eyes. There is nothing better than bonding with the babies!!